Here, we would like to provide you with important information, in case you are currently under anti-tuberculous treatment:

If you are unsure whether you might be contagious, please wear a mask at all times when close to other people.


Under the current circumstances, your treatment might have been discontinued for understandable reasons. Please try as soon as possible to access the drugs you were initially prescribed at home. A continuous, preferably uninterrupted treatment against tuberculosis is very important.


You should contact the regional public health department (Gesundheitsamt) closest to you. (Link ). The health department staff can connect you with specialised doctors who will help you get treated. If you prefer immediately seeing a specialised doctor, you can refer to one here. However, it will be necessary to present to the local public health department in any case.

→ Your relatives and friends should also pay a visit to the public health department if they had close contact with you.


  If you are suffering from tuberculosis, you do not have to fear discrimination or negative consequences in Germany. Most importantly, you need to continue your treatment as soon as possible.