Here, we would like to provide you with important information, in case you think you might have tuberculosis:

Typical clinical signs of tuberculosis are cough, fever and fatigue. This makes it difficult to distinguish from other diseases. If these symptoms persist for more than 3 weeks, tuberculosis can be the underlying cause. Also, night sweats and and unintended weight loss can occur.


If you are experiencing any of these or other symptoms, please see a doctor. Especially a family doctor, paediatrician or lung specialist can be helpful in this case. Here you find a registry of doctor’s practice/office.


Please wear a mask at all times when in contact with other people.


If you know other people who experience similar symptoms, please inform them about the opportunity of getting medically examined (or bring them along to your own consultation).


Tuberculosis is a curable disease in most cases. An early diagnosis can positively affect the prognosis on complete healing. If tuberculosis remains untreated, it can be transmitted to other people. Children are a particularly vulnerable group for transmission, even if they are BCG-vaccinated.