Cross-border migration and tuberculosis between Romania and Germany within the framework of the Global Health Protection Programme of the Federal Ministry of Health


In order to achieve the goals of the World Health Organization’s “End TB Strategy”, improved tuberculosis care and prevention among migrants is a key element in an increasingly mobile world population. People from Romania are currently the second largest group of EU citizens living in Germany. However, Romania is also one of the most frequently reported countries of origin among tuberculosis patients registered in Germany.

The treatment of tuberculosis is lengthy, can have side effects and is hampered by stigmatization and social problems, especially in the context of migration. Treatment interruptions are more frequent, which are a risk for treatment failure, further transmission and the development of antibiotic resistance. This vulnerable patient group is addressed within the framework of a cooperation project on cross-border TB care between Romania and Germany (RoGerTB). The project is funded by the Global Health Protection Programme (GHPP) of the German Federal Government and the participating institutions are Robert Koch Institute, Research Centre Borstel and German Central Committee to Fight Tuberculosis (DZK).

Project part DZK – TB Companion

As part of the RoGerTB project, the DZK has adapted the recently developed app “TB Companion” to support Romanian TB patients and integrated specific cross-border TB control issues. The app is intended to educate and motivate TB patients during their treatment and increase compliance through interactive, playful knowledge transfer combined with motivational texts and daily treatment reminders. The aim is to improve cross-border TB care through improved understanding of TB control and prevention measures.

The digital “TB Companion” is now being tested as part of a feasibility study. We would be pleased if you could offer Romanian patients to participate in this study if they have been diagnosed with tuberculosis and have at least two months of treatment remaining. Information material on tuberculosis and the study in Romanian can be ordered from the DZK. Please contact for this:  +49 30 814 909 22 or .

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Patient videos in Romanian language >> Video 1 and Video 2